The Capital Region Master's Commission is a nine month discipleship program where you will discover God's Life call for your life. You will know the very heartbeat of God at the Capital Region Master's Commission.

WHAT IS MASTER'S COMMISSION?[edit | edit source]

Master's Commission is a discipleship program in which a college age student devotes nine months of their life completerly to full-time ministry training. Our purpose is answer the call of Matthew 28:18. To Know God, and Make Him Known.

WHO IS C.R.M.C.?[edit | edit source]

The vision of Capital Region Master's Commission is to shatter our own preconceptions and boundaries by keeping our relationships - our very hearts - open and transparent. We increase the depth of our intimacy in worship of the one true God through expanding knowledge of Him. Therefore, we earnestly embrace the full value of an education that can heighten our sensitivity to the needs in our world and the Father's desire to shape it. Not only knowing, but feeling the very beating of our Father's heart will intensify the urgency within us to fervently serve and reach our community.

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