This is truly a compelling ProBoard. The members of this forum discuss the latest movies, complete with YouTube trailer videos! This forum is really getting a lot of attention over at the ProBoards Support Forums! They talk about trivia, play games and discuss all the movies. D-Beau is the Admin there. He bumps his advertising thread often, per the Support Forums regulations. D-Beau does a very good job of advertising this forum, to the extent that nearly everyone in the ProBoards Universe has heard of his forum. They discuss Hollywood happenings, family movies, horror flicks, sci-fi and fantasy films , action movies like Spider-Man (Spider-Man 3 is due to open at the box office in little more than a month at the time of this listing), animated movies, drama flicks such as Titanic and The Godfather, and comedy shows. They have an affiliation forum as well as an Off-Topic forum. The graphics are first-rate. This forum's graphics and content make for an explosive combination! No wonder they already have 40 members! This is an ADDICTIVE forum!

Check it out at:

Favorite Flix: A Movie Forum

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