A portal is a doorway, usually one that leads to other doorways.

This page will point to the major areas of the site. Until it is fully developed, readers may check out our top-level category and see a list of all articles.

Below is a list of things we need help with here at the Internet Wikia. People are encouraged to add to the list:

  1. Validate all of the red category links.
  2. Expand every stub page.
  3. Check and make sure all pages have one connection to the "Browse" Category.

You may want to check out our three portals. They are:

  1. Portal: Anti Malware Fight
  2. Portal: Eastern US Weather Forums
  3. Portal: Web Development

We need help developing all three. There is another so-called portal about websites, but it's really a glorified list that I need to convert into a real portal.