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Web Development[edit | edit source]

Everyone who visits this Portal is cordially invited, even encouraged, to expand on the content here. This Portal belongs to the entire Internet community and serves as a place where anyone interested in Web development can add articles, as well as any related websites. Web Dev forums are welcome!!

To write a new Web Development Portal article, enter the page title in the box below.

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Rescuing articles from Wikipedia[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia has stringent criteria for the inclusion of websites. Sites that may not be included there are very welcome on this Internet Wikia. To "rescue" an article that is pending deletion, follow these steps:

  1. Copy and paste the article onto this wiki
  2. Remove irrelvant links or convert them to point to Wikipedia instead of remaining red links on this wiki (you can link to Wikipedia by typing [[Wikipedia:Article name]])
  3. Add a wikipedia-deleted template to the page. To do this, type {{wikipedia-deleted|author 1, author 2, and author 3}}. Replace "author 1" etc with a list of the usernames (not IPs) who edited the article at Wikipedia.
  4. Finally, add a link to your new article to the list of websites, so others can find it easily.
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