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Rysin Online (Rise-in OnLine) is a software website which was founded by Ryan Fisher as a young teenager. Some Rysin Online sites still remain on the web however no new projects have been worked on since 2007.

Several pages have been published explaining that it will return as a software site, however only as a hobby for founder Ryan Fisher who cited College and University as his reasons.

Statistics Software[]

The original Statisitcs (Version 1).

In January 2005, "Statistics" was created. Version 2 was created from February - June 2005. In June 2006, Statistics Version 3 was published.

In January 2007, Rysin Online released news of 10,000 Statistics Version 3 downloads in 2006 (in the 6 months of July - December). The only other released figure was 11,000 later in January.

Statistics Version 4 logo

Statistics Version 4 was created in .net making use of the .net framework, this would it compatible with (the then forthcoming) Windows Vista, and make the software much more reliable than previous versions of Statistics, most notably making installation success more consistent from PC to PC. Statistics Version 4 Pre-Beta was published onto the site during February 2007.


The logo for Blip Technology

Blip was a simple application created in Visual Basic 6 which allowed a user to generate simple mouse effects. Throughout 2007 "Blip Technology" was all over the site but was never published.

Blip Technology was described as a "3D Platform for web browsers".

Troon Website Design[]

Main Article: Troon Website Design

In March 2007, Troon Website Design was founded in order to provide a web design service locally.

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