logo.jpg is a trading website in which users can trade,sell/buy virtual items,make raffles of Team fortress 2,Counter Strike Global Offensive,Dota items.

Release date[edit | edit source]

the site has been released on August 3rd 2012 and since then the site runs with a fairly medium sized community.

Services[edit | edit source]

The site serves as a fast utomated trading,banking website in which the user can trade Tf2,CS:GO,Dota 2 items with trading bots instantly instead of waiting for other user's responses.

At this moment there are over 12 banking types:

  • weapon banking
  • hat banking
  • key banking
  • item banking(tools,paints,taunts,promo items,australiums)
  • mvm part swap
  • strange banking
  • Steam game banking
  • weapon skin banking
  • unusual banking
  • killstreak kit banking
  • Steam card banking
  • CS:GO skin banking (This type of banking has since been removed due to the changes of CS:GO trading however you can still buy skins)

Raffles[edit | edit source]

In raffles user's can raffle away items for other users. There are 4 types of raffles:

  • normal raffles
  • puzzle raffles
  • private raffles
  • megaraffle

there are also tips which serves as a scrap gift for the raffler for raffles that people like and enjoy.

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