Weenie Phrazes

  1. "The trend is your friend."
  2. "You never, ever want to be in that Bullseye five days out from the event."
  3. "We shall see."
  4. "groipnt!"
  5. "It's only December."
  6. "It's the 0z gfs. Throw it out!"
  7. "The North Trend Will Not Be Denied."
  8. "Winter Cancel!"
  9. "Winter Uncancel!"
  10. "Sleet is like having a hot sister."
  11. "So close, and yet so very far away."
  12. "Why can't I buy a 6+ inch snowfall?"
  13. "The high is 1 mb stronger than progged!"
  14. "My dewpoint is 2F lower than progged!"
  15. "Wow. Dry as a bone. M/D line south get all the fun. Sound familiar? almost like Deja Vu. :axesmiley:"
  16. "My wind direction has yet to shift east."
  17. "We better keep an eye on this one."
  18. "Low forming more west?"
  19. "Low forming more east?"
  20. "This winter would've been a blockbuster for the black market during prohibition. Twice the sales with every missed storm."
  21. "Look at WV, the trof is digging more than progged!"
  22. "Look at the convection off the NC coast, it will pull the low more east."
  23. "What are you complaining about, last year was your winter."
  24. "NAM WRF= Nearly Always Massive, Weather Rarely Follows"
  25. "The low will bomb so quickly, it will produce its own cold air."
  26. "The high is moving east slower than progged."
  27. "The precip is clearly moving north."
  28. "Remember Jan 2000?"
  29. "Strong VV's will mix out the warm air."
  30. "Evaporational cooling will keep it snow."
  31. "It's clear here, radiational cooling will bring temps lower than progged."
  32. "The low is already 2 mb stronger than progged."
  33. "The models are already busting."
  34. "My god, this set-up reminds me of (insert K/U storm here)."
  35. "The NAM is missing that shower over Alabama, throw it out."
  36. "The GFS is missing a sounding from Mexico, throw it out."
  37. "The event is too complicated for the models anyway."
  38. "The NAM is ALWAYS too warm and west."
  39. "Use the GFS for the storm track and the NAM for precip."
  40. "OMG the GFS shifted 2 miles west!"
  41. "What do you mean the boundary layer is too warm, the 850 0C line is south of me!"
  42. "The GFS is ALWAYS too far east!"
  43. "JB said it would snow!"
  44. "Teleconnections do not favor a storm coming inland."
  45. "That drastic shift west on the NAM breaks the trend, throw it out!"
  46. "The ULL will move over me and give me more snow."
  47. "Models can't handle phasing."
  48. "Confluence? It's going to go right up the coast!"
  49. "Using the GFS for guidance based on secondary coastal low formation is like entering a one-legged man in an asskicking contest."
  50. "I will get thundersnow."
  51. "This developing situation resembles the Feb 25 2007 setup where a coating was forecast and we cashed in with a surprize 6 inch snow!"
  52. "The radar is lighting up!"
  53. "Its the 18z GFS, throw it out!"
  54. "The radar is backfilling."
  55. "The secondary is already taking over."
  56. "It's already making the turn."
  57. "The trend is your friend."
  58. "Time to ignore the models!"
  59. "The NAO is tanking!"
  60. "Models haven't picked up the shortwave in Canada yet!"
  61. "The High was initialized too low!"
  62. "The low was intialized too high!"
  63. "The Euro has sucked this year."
  64. "My local TV meteorologist just upped our accumulations, and he normally is really conservative."
  65. "My local tv met just lowered the accumulations, but he is a moron and I don't think he has a met degree."
  66. "The EURO has been bad in the 4 to 7 day range."
  67. "The UKMET and GGEM bring it back to the coast."
  68. "The coastal low is too far south/north/east."
  69. "Did you see the RGEM? Is that thing for f^^king real?"
  70. "The euro must be on crack."
  71. "Remember how the model did with the last storm? It will be wrong with this one!"
  72. "The model is developing the low too far away from the temperature gradient."
  73. "500mb maps clearly argue for the low to be closer to the coast."
  74. "Didn't you see the ensembles?"
  75. "Ratios will give me a foot!"
  76. "Use the NAM for precip and the GFS for storm track."
  77. "It's already busting in Texas!"
  78. "There should be a high there."
  79. "Temps are well below guidance tonight! The storm will be colder!"
  80. "The models can't handle cold air damming."
  81. "The forecaster who wrote this AFD sucks!"
  82. "It's only one model run!"
  83. "This looks JUST like that mini bust from 1982 where I got a foot in 6 hours and the forecast was for rain."
  84. "It's nowcast time!"
  85. "Clippers don't normally trend North."
  86. "That huge storm on the JMA 144 hours out looks good. Remember Feb. 2006?"
  87. "Henry Margusity has his "Big Daddy" shirt on today."
  88. "JB will score the coup for this storm."
  89. "If only Ike had more time over water"


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