William L Sledd is a YouTube internet celebrity, made famous by his online videos and blogs, which include the popular "Ask A Gay Man" series. Each of William's videos regularly achieves in excess of 50,000 views and as of 1 November 2006, his most popular video "Ask A Gay Man: Denim Edition" had attracted over 700,000 views.[1]

William has gained notoriety in the eyes of his viewers for his stylish hair, fashionable clothes, flamboyance and by playfully referring to his viewers as "bitches". William is one of the fastest growing and most viewed director/bloggers on YouTube, ranking in the top ten Most Subscribed (All Time) category as of 1 November 2006. The Chicago Sun-Times rates William as one of the "Stars of YouTube".[2]

On September 23, 2006, his personal YouTube account was illegally hacked and all his content (including videos, comments, honours, etc.) was deleted. William then recorded a brief response to the criminals and went on to re-upload select videos.

William works at GAP. GAP products are occasionally featured in his program although he has declared he is not paid for product placement or advertising by the company.[3]

On November 18, 2006 he posted his last video from a street in Los Angeles, saying he'd recieved an surprise email invitation from a stranger the day before to fly out and promised to post the next day from Rodeo Drive. Within two weeks his fans were posting, "dude! are you like, dead or something???" on his you tube site.

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